Tragedy No​.​1

by Chaosbay

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released January 30, 2015

produced by Daniel Weber & Chaosbay (2015)
music and lyrics by Jan Listing
keyboards and programming by Jan Listing
recorded and mixed by Daniel Weber
mastered by Jan Listing
published by Melodie der Welt/TMB Publishing
artwork by Francesco De Luca for Amok Studio



all rights reserved


Chaosbay Mannheim, Germany

Chaosbay | Progressive Metal from Mannheim, Germany

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Track Name: CHAPTER I: The Issue
he always felt the growing difference from the rest
he couldn't determine what it was all about
and why he knew that someone's buried in his chest
while his father made him heir apparent
well he should be proud

he waits much too long
but what is going wrong

oh if I could
I know I would
erase the fears that poke the fire
oh if I could
I know I should
cease suppressing my desire
when all these tears dry
I'll make you understand
what's slowly getting out of hand
cause I've reached a dead end

their initiation rites made him a proper boy
every morning holds another true-blue toy, a blue toy

he's not a man inside
but how can it be put right

oh if I could….

and when these days are gone
he'll have finished with it all

"one day all this could be yours, but you gotta behave like a man if you really want it, keep that in mind, now go and find a girl and make her your wife"
"my son, we're so proud of you, you're all the world to me, soon you'll be ready to take much more responsibility for your life, I'm sure, I love you"

think of all these signs
that could be noticed
does nothing come to mind
will you leave it as it is
Track Name: CHAPTER II: The Society
times are hard today
his wealthy world's gone by
and what he will achieve
has to be kept inside

at least it seems like
he cannot bear it anymore
but who on earth will open him that door

when will he feel lost enough
and why has it to be that tough
badly wretched but no one cares
not even himself, not even himself out there

the show is nowadays
a living enterprise
becoming what it's meant to reduce
in past times

so full of worlds as clean
as common sleeping pills
who dares to cross the road
will be just killed

someone has to wake him up
stand by him and make it stop
badly wretched but no one cares
not even himself, not even himself who dares

oh if I could
I know I would
erase the fears
oh if I could
I know I would
would shed no tears
a desperate cloud hangs over me
and I can't see the sun
I guess I'll get my gun
Track Name: CHAPTER III: The Decline
as you would expect
it was going south
he's like his own prison
there's no way out
pure emptiness
and terrible drought

mother did cry
like a marionette
admit that she's
better off in bed
father raged as if he's
brain dead

useless child
dirty fool
you're embarrassing
a breach of golden rules

a life apart from here
in upper atmospheres
completely disappeared
where borders in ourselves
get crystal clear

the more they shouted
the less he thought
about what's in
his body, he taught
himself to stoop
cause he's at fault

you're untrue
as long as you don't
apologize for all

feel someone else in here
who always sheds those tears
who never disappears
cause borders in ourselves
get crystal clear
Track Name: CHAPTER IV: The Climax
oh if I could
I know I would
erase the fears that poke the fire
oh if I could
I know I should
cease suppressing my desire
when all these tears dry
I'll make you understand
if I could
I know I would

"and he found himself as a creature that should never have been born
struggling with this second ego
fleshly or not, but existing in every case
dividing him in two lifeless parts
meaningless on this earth, meaningless on this screen
not even a blain at the edge of society
unseen, empty and cold
as cold as their hospitals
where all of them got rid of sickness and disease
sickness and disease
referring to the bible's words
and what was written between these lines
lines of goodness
lines of strength
without any falsity and phoniness
falsity and phoniness
cause he's not what he seems to be
he's not a smiling suit living in the suburbs of your future
and he'll never be
cause he's dead, and he has always been
like leafless tree, like a never read book
like a disgusting boiling slop of aloofness and insecurity
without dignity or any kind of support or shelter
run for cover
like corpses mouldering from the inside
still kind of moving but creeping so childishly
creeping so childishly
craving for life
in a world that doesn't deserve anything
that left him alone
and that left her alone
in each other
forever and never again
drawing wrong conclusions
finding an easy solution
and no turning back
just together
in eternity"
Track Name: CHAPTER V: The Upshot
seem like fairytales
but though as close as you want

just a phrase in a strange novel
they once wrote

make one step
towards the valley in your dreams
where you'll find truth

make one step
away from sorrow and denial
who needs that
and who needs you
who needs you
who needs you...